Three hundred comments deep into a TikTok video, I began to hang onto words.




Each scroll sparked more confusion and shock as I counted five, six, eventually twenty comments encapsuling everything wrong with the internet. …

We’d just finished eating a hearty breakfast when the cashier gawked at my boyfriend and I.

I waited for him to ask if we were siblings (as most people do) but instead, his face contorts into confusion as he asks, “Is it real?”

I can see the same curiosity people…

Growing up, my dad was the black sheep of the family. Unlike his Catholic siblings, he had accumulated crystals, a certification as a Qigong Master, and a bold perspective on what it meant to preserve physical and mental health.

Deeper than an absurd identity, my dad, Dr. James Carter, swears…

The lack of intimacy during COVID pushed touched-deprived people into the arms of Pornography and Camming’s lovechild: OnlyFans.

The online subscription service created a new form of intimacy that Pornography lacked, as creators interacted directly with their lonely subscribers. …

An electric blue guitar stands idly next to a thrifted collection of old school r&b records. …

Adia Ayanna

Freelance ghostwriter with a knack for pop culture

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